4 Modern-Day Advancements to Fulfill Your Cutting-Edge Kitchen Dreams

BY Allconnect Inc | Fri Feb 03, 2017
4 Modern-Day Advancements to Fulfill Your Cutting-Edge Kitchen Dreams

Nowadays, the smart home phenomenon is happening in every part of the home. And the kitchen has become the backdrop for an astounding number of brand new, innovative, technological marvels that savvy homeowners are adopting. So if you’re thinking of making some improvements to your kitchen place in the upcoming months, then check out these 4 modern-day advancements to make all your modern kitchen dreams come true.


1) Hidden Electrical Power Strips

Are there unsightly electrical cords plugged into visible spots in your kitchen walls? Worse yet, do you have a jumble of cords and plugs cluttering your counters or backsplash? You can eliminate all that clutter with hidden power strips.

It’s now possible to install electrical outlets in your kitchen drawers and under your kitchen cabinets. This advancement allows you to power up your gadgets and appliances discreetly. By having hidden electrical outlets, you will be better organized in your kitchen and able to keep a more sophisticated, sleeker look. Cleaning countertops, backsplashes, and walls will also be much easier as there will be more open space and less clutter.


2) Internet-Enabled Electronics and Kitchen Appliances

“Program your kitchen appliances to do all the tasks that you used to have to do manually.”

Want to be able to start your heater before you leave work so your kitchen is warm by the time you get home? How about having your oven alert you when dinner is ready? Or maybe you’d like your refrigerator to send you an alert when you’re almost out of eggs or when your milk is about to expire? Numerous smart appliances today now have exactly these (and more) internet-enabled capabilities. And this added functionality makes it possible for you to control your smart kitchen appliances and other electronics from your smartphone or tablet.

You can program them to do a variety of tasks that you used to have to do manually. This, in turn, frees you up to spend less time on busy work in the kitchen and more time enjoying family meal times. Having smart internet-enabled kitchen appliances could also increase your home safety as well. With them, you can have more control over important kitchen appliances, such as your oven, and ensure that you’ve turned it off, even from afar, using your smartphone.


3) A Quieter Garbage Disposal

Is your kitchen garbage disposal louder than the chatter from your family in the same room? If so, it’s time to upgrade your garbage disposal unit. Garbage disposal technology has recently made some vast advances that tech-savvy homeowners are embracing.

Ditch that noisy, old-fashioned, continuous-feed garbage disposal that’s currently in your kitchen for a smarter one. You’ll want to hire an experienced professional plumber, like the ones at Moon Valley Plumbing, to install one of the newer, quieter, batch-feed models of in-sink garbage disposals. And if you don’t already have a garbage disposal, installing one will definitely make your life more convenient, as well as help you complete tasks more quickly in the kitchen.


4) A Gadget Docking Station

Does your current kitchen design predate the mobile phone trend? If so, you’ll want to consider adding a new gadget docking station when you complete your next kitchen remodel. It’s convenient for your family members to be able to recharge and use phones, tablets, MP3 players and other gadgets at a docking station in the kitchen. And it’s also great for keeping your devices charged up when you’re using them for cooking or baking from recipes. In fact, some families are even incorporating actual mini office areas in the kitchen.


These 4 modern day advancements could make your family’s entire mealtime experience more convenient and enjoyable. And if you implement them all, you’ll eliminate clutter, increase efficiency, and create a more pleasant environment in your kitchen – just a like a dream come true.


Guest Author Bio: Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer based out of Boston.

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