4 gadgets to trick out your home like Bond, James Bond

BY Allconnect Inc | Tue Dec 01, 2015
4 gadgets to trick out your home like Bond, James Bond

There’s one thing spy movies never show. After our hero has saved the world with a poisonous ballpoint pen or uncovered a villain thanks to a pair of X-ray vision eyeglasses, he can’t possibly just go back to a run-of-the-mill apartment. No, the hero of the spy movies we grew up watching would definitely retire to a home filled with high-tech gadgets. A secret agent spends most of his or her time out fighting crime, right? So the gadgets at home have to be those of convenience!

Spy home gadgets

Good thing for non-007s like us, today’s world of high-tech home goods feels like the gadget montages from our favorite films, come alive. Even if you aren’t on a classified mission of utmost importance to global security, you can still geek out with toys that even the most seasoned professional will “ooh” and “ahh” over.

Here’s a look at four gadgets to trick out your home in that action movie way.

  1. The Facial Recognition Home Security Camera
Facial Recognition Home Security Camera
Image courtesy of Netatmo

Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras with a feed you can access from anywhere in the world are pretty cool, but you know what’s even cooler? A home security camera that recognizes each of your family members as they walk in the door. Instead of nagging your kids to text as soon as they’ve come home from track practice, an alert will inform you that they have arrived safely as their camera-recognized faces breeze through the door.

One of the chicest cameras currently out there is the Netatmo Welcome. Comprised of a sleek aluminum canister that looks more like art than a surveillance piece, it operates on Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection and can identify up to 16 different people.

  1. The Smartwatch
Image courtesy Samsung

Now that smartphones are ubiquitous for even tech minimalists, gadget companies are unveiling the “next hot thing” at lightning speeds. What does every company seem to have right now? The smartwatch.

Apple finally released the Apple Watch this year to work in conjunction with your iPhone, but it still doesn’t offer the fabulous spy action of talking directly into your wrist. For that, there’s the Samsung Gear S. This watch uses its own SIM card and phone number so you can carry on conversations from the piece itself. Yep, it’s Penny from Inspector Gadget’s awesome watch in real life—and only 30 years later.

  1. The Everything Tracker


The Everything Tracker
Image courtesy Tile

For anyone that’s had the experience of losing luggage, it certainly bursts your vacation bubble when it’s your bag that doesn’t appear on the airport carousel. Avoid future travel trials by packing something like the Trakdot Luggage Tracker into your bag to monitor your belongings at every leg of the trip. If an airline claims to have no information on your luggage, let them know which city it is in thanks to texts and emails sent by Trakdot.

Large suitcases aren’t the only items that can be monitored. A small tracker like Tile, which costs just $25 per piece, can be affixed to a key ring, placed inside a wallet or added to survey your oft-lost item’s every move. Skip that crazy ritual of frantically throwing pillows and opening cabinet doors looking for your keys—just open the Tile app on your phone and sound the alert. No more mornings wasted running around the house searching!

  1. The Voice-Powered TV


The Voice-Powered TV
Image courtesy of Apple

Forget the four-remote setup (TV, cable box, DVD player, etc that’s become your entertainment hub. Now you can use your voice to power the evening’s movies, TV shows and streaming music. Many Internet-connected smart televisions, like the Samsung Smart TV, come out of the box with voice control built in. Change the channel, navigate through apps and turn the TV off by talking to it like a friend in the room.

Streaming box services are also introducing voice control to their products. The newest incarnation of the Apple TV includes a revamped remote where all entertainment commands are directed to Siri—just like you may already use her to search your iPhone for a contact’s number or driving directions.

Is there a spy-like gadget you want to see in your home? Tell us about it in the comments!

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