3 Wise Ways to Return the Love this Grandparents Day

BY Allconnect Inc | Sat Sep 10, 2016
3 Wise Ways to Return the Love this Grandparents Day

Humans have a unique advantage in life. By learning from those who’ve come before us – like our parents and grandparents – we don’t have to repeat nearly as many of our mistakes. And all that additional, grand-parental wisdom means that we have a better chance of having greater lives in our own futures.

So, this Grandparents Day, let’s remember those who’ve taken care of us since we were too young to remember. Let’s show them our thanks. Let’s be good children and grandchildren and give them something that’ll make them smile like they’re kids again.

These Will Soon Be a Few of Your Grandparents’ Favorite Things

Now even though grandma and grandpa might think they can still do everything they used to, your making things a little easier on them is a wise move. And with these three devices, you’ll give them a chance to feel young again, all while enabling them to keep doing as much as they still like to.

#1) NIX Digital Photo Frame

2 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame with Motion Sensor
2 inch Digital Photo & HD Video (720p) Frame with Motion Sensor

Remember the last time you were hanging out with the granny? You know, when your mom was taking all those pictures with her digital camera of everyone laughing and having a great time? Well, why not gather those up pictures and make a scrapbook for granny? Even better, why not create her a digital collection instead?

The NIX Digital Photo Frame is the simplest solution for displaying all your digital photos. Just transfer your photos and videos onto your own USB jump drive (or the 8GB one that comes with the frame) or SD card, plug it into the frame, and let your photos play. It’s perfect for the not-so-tech-savvy granny because she gets a photo frame that works well, all with the convenience of not having to operate it herself (unless she wants to, of course).

Using the intuitive remote, you can manage the way your photos and videos are displayed, with the ability to play both photos (JPEG format) and videos (MP4 format) within same slideshow. And the fast processor recognizes portrait orientation and adjusts accordingly (so none of that silly photo resizing is necessary), and you get to view thousands of photos and videos in superb picture quality (720p HD) from your inserted device. The photo frame boasts a 12” screen, a high-resolution (4:3 ratio) LED backlit display, and built-in stereo speakers – all while still weighing at less than 3.5lbs

You can also choose from a variety of photo transitions, change the orientation of your photos and videos, and select which specific ones you want to play. Sort them the same way you want to see them: by image name or number, by date, or by shuffling them around. There’s also a Clock/Calendar function that gives the frame an extra bit of utility. And, for its coolest feature, the frame’s Hu-Motion Sensor turns the frame on when you enter the room and off when you leave! So, for granny’s ultimate convenience, set the frame to switch off after sensing no movement from 5 minutes to 1 hour.

Overall, this high-quality frame will display your granny’s favorite digital memories in a sophisticated way. And as a bonus benefit, if you can scrounge up some picture of your grandparents from when they were young, you’ll give them a chance to relive their glory days in glorious fashion.

#2) New Resources Garden Hose Automatic Watering Timer

Automatic Hose Timer- Watering Lawn & Garden Outdoor Water Saver
Automatic Hose Timer- Watering Lawn & Garden Outdoor Water Saver

We don’t know about your grandparents, but ours have always been big into keeping a tidy lawn and a good garden. But as they’ve gotten older, the process of watering all their grass and plants has become an increasingly-laborious task. However, by attaching this Automatic Watering Timer by New Resources onto their garden hose, your grandparents can be proud of their backyards once again – all without hurting their backs.

This not-too-high-tech lawn tool is a wonderful product that’s as simple as it is effective. Because there’s no need to “gadget out” every single product around your home – especially if your grandparents don’t want to deal with having batteries in their water timers. Instead, just quickly attach this device onto your main outdoor faucet connected to the house, set up the hose, spin the timer dial, and walk away. The EZTurn Time Wheel offers a convenient dial that operates an automatic shut-off valve, and you can set it to cut water flow in 5 minute increments, up to a 120-minute maximum.

So if your grandparents run on a tight, retired-life schedule, or if they tend to be a little forgetful, there’s no need for them to have to fret about remembering to shut off the sprinkler. Because with this automatic watering timer, you’ll be helping grandpappy take care of his lawn, cut down his water bill, and reduce some of his everyday hassle.

#3) Satechi USB LED Touch Lamp

Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp

In general, as humans age, our eyesight tends to get worse and worse. (Ever notice how most old folks wear some sort of glasses?) And if that’s the case, then what’s a better gift for a granny than a lamp she can take almost anywhere to help her see?

The lightweight Satechi USB LED Touch Lamp plugs into any USB port, letting granny carry it with her to provide light wherever she needs it most. By drawing power via USB, she has the ability to plug this lamp into her desk computer, her laptop, any regular wall outlet (assuming she has one of the super-common adapters), or even a portable USB battery charger. (These are also great as a backup emergency light for when the power goes out in the house.)

And, as if that’s not cool enough, unlike other LED and/or USB lamps out there, the Satechi Lamp is made to let granny choose what her base will be. Essentially, this device turns nearly any empty bottle into a table lamp. Simply have granny place the LED lights into the opening of any bottle or vase of her choice, plug them into a USB port, and touch the silver disc at the top of the light for an instant, environmentally-friendly desk lamp. And, whenever she gets bored of the base, granny can change it to suit her room, furniture, décor, mood, or party, or even to showcase a bottle saved from a special occasion.

The frosted white shade diffuses the light so it’s evenly spread across the shade (without an obvious spot of higher intensity), producing a soft glow that creates a comfortable environment. And given that little-to-no heat is being generated by the LEDs, granny can decorate the shade with pretty much anything and not have to worry about causing a fire. The LEDs don’t contain any mercury and they consume only 1.2 watts, which is considerably less power than incandescent and fluorescent lamps. And, with a rated life of 50,000 hours, she could leave this lamp plugged in and turned on 24/7 for nearly 6 years straight. But, if she uses it for just a couple of hours a day, then granny could see a couple decades of life out of this lamp.

So as you remember that time grandpa scooped you up and brought you inside after you fell off your first bike, and how grandma cleaned the wound on your knee and cured it with a Band-Aid and a kiss, think about how you can repay the favor. Head on over to their house, give them a gift to express your gratitude, and spend some time with them – making new memories.

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