3 Ways to Take It Easy on National Stress Awareness Day

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Nov 02, 2016
3 Ways to Take It Easy on National Stress Awareness Day

These days, we all have a lot on our plates. And the more responsibilities we continue to pile on, the more stress we’re all inevitably forced to deal with. So this National Stress Awareness Day, why not do a little something just for you, something to take the edge off? And if you think sliding some of that stress off your plate is a wise move, then we’ve got three great ideas below for kicking back and relaxing.

Take of A Load Off, Fanny

Perhaps The Band sang it best when they encouraged us all to “take a load off.” That’s because chronic stress causes more than 20 related health issues, including and beyond headaches, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. So, instead of putting your health at risk from all the stress, do something fun instead.

#1) Perfect Bake Smart Scale and Recipe App Kitchen Tool

perfect bake smart scale and recipe app kitchen tool
Perfect bake smart scale and recipe app kitchen tool

As the common saying goes, cooking is an art, but baking is a science. And to make this science a little easier for everyone to understand and enjoy, use the Perfect Bake Smart Scale. This smart device makes baking as exact and as un-stressful as possible.

You know why some cookies taste better than others? Precision – because the baker used a good recipe and followed it exactly. That means baking by weight, and with the Perfect Bake, you can do just that. The set includes a smart scale, a smartphone/tablet stand, 3 mixing bowls (small, medium, large), an oven thermometer, and a 3.5mm cable for connecting your iOS or Android device via the headset jack. The scale is small enough to store easily, yet rugged enough to handle a few dropped bowls. It’s also super accurate (making 30 measurements a second), it’s got a built-in speaker that’s plenty loud, and both the setup and clean-up are a breeze.

“Chronic stress causes more than 20 related health issues, including irritability, anxiety, and depression.”

Here’s how it works. First, download the free Perfect Bake app and search through the hundreds of baker-tested recipes available. You can also use the Pantry feature to generate a list of delicious recipes from the items you have on hand, or you can create and save your own recipes. The app is very user-friendly and doesn’t take up a ton of memory. Plus, its directions are easy to follow, and the icons are vibrant and easy to recognize. It even allows you to make edits and take notes, and it has all the timers you need built right in.

Once you’ve readied your recipe, simply place a bowl on the scale and the Perfect Bake lets you know exactly how much of each ingredient to add. Just follow the real-time instructions for adding ingredients, mixing, and baking – watching the virtual bowl fill up on the screen as you go. The scale will automatically adjust the recipe depending on the amount you choose to make, even correcting the recipe should you over-pour an ingredient. And even without a phone, the Perfect Bake also doubles as a regular digital scale.

This gadget will turn you into a first-class baker, in a hassle-free manner. So stop guessing and simply hoping for the baked best. Instead, get the Perfect Bake and make the best desserts you’ve ever eaten.

#2) The Tile – Phone, Key, and Item Finder (Gen 2)

Tile gen 2 key finder- 1-pack

You know what’s stressful? Losing your keys for the third time this week. But if you’re just the forgetful type, then there is one thing that can make missing keys, phones, or anything else far less stressful – the Tile.

Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that locates misplaced everyday items in seconds with an easy-to-use smartphone app. Use it to keep track of phones, tablets, keys, wallets, luggage, purses, backpacks, cameras, remote controls, kids toys, and more. Simply attach a Tile to any item and locate it by sound, by seeing its last known location on a map, or by marking it as “lost” and getting an alert when it’s found. It works unfailingly within a 100 ft. range, and the GPS locator is spot-on accurate.

This modern-looking, simplistic, and unobtrusive piece works with zero upkeep, so you never have to worry about charging or replacing the battery in the Tile for at least a year. And Tile – with its history of being a startup by way of crowdfunding – is well known for its responsiveness to user issues.

So snag a Tile, stop stressing, and spend less time exploring that lost world behind your seat cushions and more time doing the things you love.

#3) The Slingbox 500

Slinbox 500
Slinbox 500

After a long day of stressful work, sometimes all you really want to do is sit on the couch and watch some TV. And with the Slingbox 500, you can get all the TV you need to make the stress disappear.

As the first device to pioneer the “TV anywhere” idea, the Slingbox lets you watch 100% of your live channels (in up to 1080p HD resolution) anywhere at all on any internet-connected device (that’s Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or LTE). And, let’s say you start watching a movie but want to move to another room in the house. Well, this suave little device lets you take it along on your PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet – making for a seamless viewing experience no matter how far you roam in your fuzzy house slippers.

Without charging any extra monthly fees, the Slingbox 500 beams on over (or shares via HDMI port) your regular broadcast and major networks, as well as your paid premium channels, keeping them all still available both inside and outside of the home. In fact, there are no location restrictions whatsoever, meaning you can take your shows with you all across the world. And if you want to push all your TV channels to another big screen in the house, you can pair it with a number of streaming devices, enjoying the Slingbox’s on-screen TV Gallery interface to make for an even easier and stress-free, program-discovery experience.

So this National Stress Awareness Day, take the time to look after yourself and break down the individual stressors in your everyday. Then slide some of that stress off your plate and get back to doing what you love with your life.

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