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3 Ways to Stay Entertained This Anti-Boredom Month

It’s summer, it’s hot outside, and you’re stuck at home – bored out of your mind. And while many things in life are admittedly rather boring, boredom is a personal experience. So, when you approach life with the perspective of how to make it as entertaining as possible, then defeating boredom becomes more of a game than a challenge. And this Anti-Boredom Month, we’ve got some solid tricks up our sleeves to share with you on how to keep the doldrums away day after day. 

Way Better Than Twiddling Your Thumbs

Sure, you could embrace the heat-induced lethargy and watch another entire series of a show for the third week in a row. Or, you could fight the sluggishness by getting creative with all your piles of spare time. And with these three items, you’ll be well on your way toward toppling the tower of tedium.

#1) GAME GOLF Digital Shot Tracking System

Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System
Game Golf Digital Shot Tracking System

Today, technology has gotten so impressive that it’s grown too good at keeping us inside for hours on end. But what if you could take that same amazing technology and apply its benefits to something a little more active – like golf? Well, with the GAME GOLF Digital Shot Tracking System, you can do exactly that! Play a game of golf, let the device do the rest, and by the end of your round, you’ll have all the data and tracking of the pros – now readily available for every amateur golfer.

GAME GOLF is the world’s first automatic shot-tracking system for today’s golfer, enabling you to analyze and improve your game from tee to green. Know your distances to see how far you’d really hit with each club so you never under-club again. See all your stats at your fingertips – fairway accuracy, green in regulation, putts per hole, scrambling percentages, shot dispersions, and more. By combining these observations, your game is visualized like never before.

As the golfer, you wear the GAME GOLF device on your waist and, before each swing, “tag” the butt end of the club to the device, which registers every shot. The tracking from then on out happens in the background, so you can focus on playing instead of note-taking. At the end of play, you sync the device to a computer, where GAME GOLF displays your past 9 rounds – overlaid onto a Google Earth image of the course you just played on – for post-round review, using GPS and NFC technologies to track your location on the course and every club you used during every round. And with all this data, you can then compete, share, and compare with friends, coaches, followers, or even the pros all over the world.

If practice makes progress, then informed practice makes perfect. And GAME GOLF already has the backing of the PGA of America, Golf Channel, and numerous prominent touring professionals. Because, as its slogan goes, GAME GOLF is, indeed, changing the game.

#2) The Baby Mop

Baby Mop - The Original As Seen on TV!
Baby Mop – The Original As Seen on TV!

Now let’s imagine you’ve got a young one at home, and you’ve grown bored with all the usual baby games. (There’s only so many times you can play peek-a-boo before you want to take a peek at anything else). Well, with The Baby Mop, you can teach the kiddo a new game – one that keeps the home clean and you all kinds of entertained.

Made using ultra-absorbent materials and engineered to clean and shine your floor, The Baby Mop gives your kid the opportunity to make a contribution to the household, no matter how young he may be. These baby mops are super soft and comfortable, they work on any surface, and when your baby’s done cleaning, they’re designed for easily slipping on and off.

Fret not, there’s no child exploitation involved! The kid is doing what he does best anyway – crawling. But with Baby Mops, he’s also learning responsibility and a healthy work ethic. You’ll be able to instill in him the great value of hard work from an early age, to enjoy watching him clean your home, and to witness the special moment when a he becomes useful for the very first time in his life. You’ll even be saving yourself a lot of useless discussions in the future about sharing household chores thanks to getting your baby already accustomed to doing so at an early stage.

This is the original Baby Mop onesie spotlighted on Good Morning America and many other shows, and you can order the color and size as you so desire. Keep in mind that you may at first need to get things started by calling to the infant from across the room, but pretty soon they’ll be doing it all by themselves – and you’ll both be enjoying every second of being anything but bored.

#3) Pizza Cutter Scissors (with Serving Area)

Pizza Cutter Scissors With Serving Area
Pizza Cutter Scissors With Serving Area

Ever been so bored that you didn’t want to cook dinner, but instead, just warmed up a frozen pizza you had hidden in the back of the freezer? And when it came time to cut it, did you struggle (like we all do) with one of those pizza spinners? (We’re willing to bet that yes is the answer).

Now imagine having a tool that’d let you easily, cleanly, and quickly cut a pizza slice of any size or shape, and you have the Pizza Cutter Scissors. They’re a neat addition to your kitchen, especially if you love pizza. With them, you can cut and lift the slices with no mess. Just slide the spatula tip serving area under the pie and cut away. They even make perfectly-sized slices, all while stopping the cheese from stringing all over the place.

The scissors are sharp and made with non-stick, durable, stainless steel blades, so there’s no need to worry about rust. And since they’re dishwasher safe, they’re also super easy to take apart and clean. So the next time you’re bored, invite a couple of friends over, throw a pizza-making party, and when it comes time to cut and divvy up the pie, emerge from the kitchen with your Pizza Cutter Scissors to save the day. All your friends will remember your kindness and craftiness for years to come as you hand them their slices of baked goodness.

So as you’re thinking of how you’ll while away the hours on another long summer day, think of all the opportunities that these three boredom-busting devices can bring. And with them on hand, you’ll always be able to win the battle against boredom.

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