3 Steps to Take to Prepare for Your Next Move [Video]

BY Allconnect Inc | Wed Aug 31, 2016
3 Steps to Take to Prepare for Your Next Move [Video]

Moving can be an imposing ordeal, but by being organized you can make the entire task a little more manageable.

First, find packing supplies for cheap either by going online or calling up a local furniture store for leftover gear. Call in a few friends or family members for extra support.

Next, transfer your personal information. Make sure all of your utilities are switched to your new address a few weeks in advance. Switch your information with your bank and the post office as well.

Lastly, label and document boxes and bags, and know when and where different items will be moved. This way you can avoid losing anything important in the fray.

Good luck out there, and stick with this blog for more homeowner tips!

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