12 Ways to Save Money Around the House

Finding new methods of cutting back expenses is a common occurrence. Although new technologies help us in this quest for survival, other methods may go unnoticed. Sometimes, the simplest changes can make an impact in saving money and improving the home budget. What methods exist in order to save money on utilities and bills?

1. Energy Star – One of the most obvious choices for saving money on utilities is buying Energy Star compliant appliances. These appliances use less energy to operate and provide a more efficient household.

2. Florescent Bulbs – Replacing the light bulbs in your house with florescent ones can save on energy costs for lighting. As many of these bulbs use approximately 77% less power while providing the same amount of light, you can begin saving as soon as you screw one of these in.

3. Solar Lighting – Solar panels don’t have to be for the entire house. Affordable and smaller variants of these panels can be used to power the lights in your home. However, solar panels can become expensive to install depending on your power requirements.

4. Energy Paint – Products such as Insuladd could help reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home. After applying a treated can of paint with this additive, your home can stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter while reducing the energy spent.

5. Television – Did you know that most popular television programs are available on the Internet? As many television stations add these shows to their websites, you can bypass paying for television all-together. However, you’ll miss live programming and will be behind in watching a series. After throwing in YouTube and Netflix, is there any more entertainment you need?

6. Telephone – Prepaid phones could replace your monthly bill. While this greatly depends on the amount of use your phone experiences, some people could save a bundle by paying only for what they use with a prepaid phone. A small $15 purchase could last someone a month or two.

7. Lawns – With water restrictions in place, there are plenty of methods you can use to keep the lawn green. While some may use organic-friendly green paint, products like Hydretain allow you to keep a lush lawn with using half of the water. Regulators can be installed as well in order to water the lawn using timed events.

8. Gasoline – Why get sucked into spending more money on gas? For those who can’t afford a Tesla automobile, buying yourself a bicycle could be ideal. You’ll save on gas and provide means for physical fitness. Additionally, there are scooters you can buy that can go approximately 100 miles per gallon while reaching speeds of up to 65 mph or more.

9. Groceries – The ageless task of collecting coupons has been in households for decades. The inclusion of the Internet only provides additional locations where coupons can be accumulated. These can be for a variety of products directly from the manufacturers.

10. Power Regulators – In order to reduce waste provided from appliances that are plugged into a wall socket, some regulators can be set to turn off power completely during timed intervals. However, these must be used with care as computer operating systems can become corrupted by power loss in the middle of using it.

11. Weather Stripping – A commonly overlooked item, a lack of weather stripping around doors and windows can lead to warm air escaping during the winter. Applying a new strip can help reduce heating costs by keeping the warm air where it’s supposed to be.

12. Laundry – Use a washer when you have a full load. Although there are washers on the market that adjust their own water usage depending on the load size, you should always try to make the most out of a cycle.

While some methods involve dedication by you to implement, others won’t impact your lifestyle. Minor changes around the house can be more beneficial than you would have thought. Isn’t the possibility of putting more money in your pocket every month worth exploring?

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Jack Meyer is a regular contributor for http://www.nannybackgroundcheck.com/. As a detective he wants to spread the knowledge of terrible things that can happen when people don’t fully verify the credentials of a caregiver or any employee. He also writes for various law enforcement blogs and sites.

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