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11 real estate blogs you should be reading

The real estate world can be confusing and overwhelming, especially for homeowners and renters who are just getting their feet wet. The moving process is so tricky, most people barely have time to compare Internet providers and switch the address on their magazine subscriptions.

In this digital age, however, there’s no problem that can’t be solved without the help of the Internet. Plenty of real estate insiders have jumped online to share their thoughts and experiences on the ins and outs of the industry. Real estate blogs are great resources for anyone interested in purchasing, selling or maintaining properties, whether they’re looking for starter homes or downsizing after 25 years.

Are you interested in learning more about the dynamic, fast-paced and ever-changing real estate sector? Check out these 11 blogs and start reading today.

1. Bigger Pockets
This site is a great go-to for agents and buyers alike. Bigger Pockets covers topics like investing, personal finance and even home marketing. The blog’s comprehensive approach to real estate education makes it a perfect resource for anyone interested in joining the real estate game, whether they’re buying their first place, flipping houses or becoming landlords. Some of the blog’s diverse array of posts include titles like “Finding Incredible Deals to Flip or Rent from 3,000 Miles Away” and “9 Low-Cost Ways to Dramatically Increase the Value of Your Rental Property.”

2. Maximum Exposure Real Estate
This blog is maintained by Massachusetts-based agent Bill Gassett, who has made a name for himself as a real estate social media star. Gassett’s posts focus on a number of topics – he talks about how to keep deer off your lawn and advises homeowners on how to select the right agent for their needs. If there’s anything you’ve ever had a question about in relation to buying, selling or owning a home, chances are that Gassett has written about it on his popular site.

3. Zillow
You’ve probably browsed when searching for a home or rental property, but did you know that the site also features an awesome blog page? Zillow’s posts are both fun and informative – behind-the-scenes looks at celebrity properties sit alongside serious financial articles. Whether you’re interested in learning about market trends, have questions about home maintenance or just want to browse gorgeous images of historic homes, Zillow has you covered.

4. Brownstoner
Because general advice doesn’t always apply to niche markets, specialty real estate blogs are absolutely vital. Brownstoner focuses on properties in New York City, where finding a place to buy or rent can be a long, stressful and expensive process. The site bills itself as “Brooklyn inside and out,” but also features posts about Manhattan and Queens. This blog doesn’t limit itself to cut-and-dry financial advice, either – it features plenty of fun lifestyle articles that focus on getting the most out of the Big Apple.

Learn more about the real estate realm through these informative blogs. Learn more about the real estate realm through these informative blogs.

5. Zion Realty Blog
Nicole Doty, who runs the Zion Realty Blog, is also the owner of an Arizona-based boutique realty company. Her blog page is targeted toward a millennial crowd, and includes everything from holiday decorating tips to anecdotal homeowner tales. Doty doesn’t only focus on the fun stuff, however. She also writes about financial topics, like how to figure out how much a home is worth. While many of her posts feature properties and prices exclusive to Arizona, her page also contains plenty of transferable knowledge that would be useful in markets across the country.

6. For Sale By Owner
Plenty of people choose to navigate the buying and selling processes without real estate agents – but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help. If you’re putting a home up for sale without industry expertise, be sure to click on over to the For Sale By Owner blog, where you can find plenty of useful advice. There are posts about how to effectively stage your home for open houses, information on which markets are heating up and advice on ramping up curb appeal.

7. Housing Wire
Real estate isn’t only about attending open houses and hiring movers – it’s an ever-changing market that’s directly influenced by larger economical situations. Because of this, people interested in learning more about the industry need to familiarize themselves with finance. Housing Wire is a great blog for real estate novices whose brains shut down at the mere mention of the word “mortgage.” This site touches on topics like PACE loans, Fed rate interest rate hikes and affordable housing issues.

8. Real Estate Tomato
If you aren’t a natural salesperson, attempting to market your home by yourself can be quite difficult. Gone are the days of simply sticking a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn – if you want to get good offers, you’re going to have to do some work. That’s where Real Estate Tomato comes in. This blog, which is targeted toward agents and small-scale sellers alike, offers a slew of real estate marketing advice. The site offers tips on using social media, creating mobile-friendly sales profiles and blogging. There’s even a section that focuses on writing advice so you can be sure you’re using the best language and tone when advertising your property.

9. Houselogic
This blog, which is run by the National Association of Realtors, posts information on everything from home taxes to green living. Notably, Houselogic isn’t only a useful resource when buying and selling – it also features plenty of information on maintenance, repairs and outdoor living. Some of the site’s popular titles include “The Best Cleaning Tips for a Healthy, Safe Home This Winter” and “7 Don’t-Miss Home Tax Deductions.”

10. Great Colorado Homes 
Great Colorado Homes is run by the aptly named Andrew Fortune, a Colorado Springs-based realtor who aims to help homeowners rake in as much as his last name implies. Fortune’s blog features posts for three audiences – buyers, sellers and agents – so you won’t find it difficult to locate the answers to your questions. His posts mainly offer advice for people interested in properties in or around Colorado Springs, but the blog also contains universally helpful information. For example, his pieces “3 Sacrifices People Make When Hiring a Realtor Out Of Obligation To A Friend or Family Member” and “12 Different Realtor Personality Types: Which Works Best For You?” can apply to just about any location imaginable.

11. Property Cluster 
Looking for tips on how you can sell your house – fast? You aren’t alone. Plenty of people find themselves in situations where they need to switch properties in a short amount of time. While there’s no simple fix for this predicament, Property Cluster offers some pretty great advice that can point you in the right direction. The blog features posts about foreclosing, short sales, investing in modular homes and searching for rental houses. There are also plenty of articles that focus on quick fixes you can do to make your home more market-friendly, as well as which repairs or adjustments could actually lower your home’s value.

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