10 Ways to Save on Home Utility Heating Bills

Sealing air leaks is one of the most important things you can do to save energy and money during the winter months. While most of us may think of adding weather stripping to doors and windows, Dominion Power reminds us of the many other ways to seal up leaks.  For example, make sure to seal off your fireplace and don’t use it as a heat source. Fireplaces actually introduce more cold air through the open flue than the amount of heat produced by the fire.  Sealing duct work is the number one way to conserve energy. Use duct sealer or silicone caulk to secure all the joints and intersections of duct work.  Also, don’t forget about the many small holes in walls where wires and pipes enter and exit your home. For more useful tips, read Dominion Power’s 10 Ways to Save on Winter Heating Bills.

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