10 Simple Ways to Save Energy This Winter

Looking to save money on your utility bills? We have 10 simple, inexpensive energy saving tips:

  1. Program your thermostat properly. You can save one percent of your energy bill for each degree you drop the temperature over an eight hour period. In the winter, set the temperature for 68 degrees Fahrenheit while you’re home and let it drop to 58 degrees while you are at work. (That 10 degree difference while you aren’t at home can save you 10 percent on your heating bill.)
  2. Don’t turn on the gas logs in the fireplace just for ambiance.
  3. Use space heaters to heat the rooms you use most often.
  4. Change the filter in your furnace. A dirty filter makes your furnace work harder.
  5. Prevent drafts around doors and windows with weatherstripping.
  6. If you have cold air drafting under your door, make or buy a draft stopper that will stay in place.
  7. Install CFL bulbs in your five most frequently used lamps or light fixtures.
  8. Use your blinds effectively: turn them up to keep warm air in. Or open blinds on the south side of your home to let the sun warm those rooms.
  9. Reduce the temperature setting on your water heater. Unless your dishwasher requires a higher setting, set your water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  10. Walk through your house and unplug anything you don’t use on a regular basis. See that flashing clock on the stereo in the basement where you never workout? It is running up your power bill. Same thing for the alarm clock in the guest room, the night light in the guest bathroom, and the remote-controlled TV, DVD player, and Xbox your son doesn’t use while he’s away at college.

Of course, these tips won’t do you much good if you’re paying too much for electricity or natural gas. Compare your energy costs to those of others in your area with Allconnect’s Home Service Price Comparison. Allconnect is a free online resource to review and compare the costs and choices for essential Home Services, including high speed Internet, phone, cable TV, satellite TV, and home security systems.

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