10 Must Have Accessories to Keep You Fit – Tips for New Home Owners

Fitness doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive hobby, especially when you invest in the right equipment. Home fitness equipment prevents you from shelling out expensive gym fees while working out within the comfort of your home.  A few pointers to take note of before you make the big purchase after moving to your new home.

  • Fitness stores usually host a bargain sale frequently, shop during these times
  • Resist the urge to buy poorly constructed equipment, injuries are prone to occur
  • Always keep track of the latest equipment and avoid dated fitness supplies

The following gear are selected for being economically viable while taking very little room area.

1. Dumbbells: The ever-popular fitness accessory

A pair of lightweight dumbbells of around 2 to 5 pounds is great for building muscle. Ideally, dumbbells require very little storage space and are generally convenient to carry around. There are a variety of dumbbell exercises that can tone various parts of your body such as arms, chest, abs, etc.

 2. Stretch your way to a svelte figure with a yoga mat

A simple yoga mat is all you need to get your body stretched and loosen your joints. Our bodies respond to any motion and yoga is a great way to perform floor exercises as well as warm up stretches. The mats are made up of an anti-slip rubber material that ensures all your postures are safer and comfortable to do.

 3. A skipping rope can help break a sweat

Nothing gets your body accelerated like a good amount of jump rope skipping. This exercise regimen builds up your thigh and leg power while teaching you how to balance your core in rhythm with the rope swings.

  • Skipping is great for the heart and is an advanced aerobic activity
  • It can help burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.

4. Invest in a juicer for a round of healthy smoothies

How convenient would it be if you could make a delicious glass of fiber-rich vegetable juice with just a click of a button? A great Juicer is a perfect ally in helping you lose weight by allowing you to blend green leafy vegetables and fruits into a liquid state for convenient consumption that can also be stored for later use.

5. Bored? Dance your way to fitness with a music system

If you are someone who gets bored by the very mention of the word ‘exercise’ then why not try dancing to your favorite tunes or give a shot at experiencing Zumba, Salsa, Tango, etc. Music can be an exciting way to de-stress your body, a simple 45-minute dance routine daily can help your body shed those extra pounds in no time.

 6. Get a freestanding punching bag

A punching bag is a sparring partner that doesn’t hit back. You can throw a punch or a kick as hard as you like provided you have some safety gear on to prevent injuries. A punching bag is filled with either sand, water, etc. to build up the required resistance. The next time you feel the need to get back at your co-worker, you know exactly where to unleash.

 7. An exercise ball can help you with your flexibility

If you have been into fitness for a while, then you probably have heard of lactic acid build up. Vigorous exercises can build up lactic acid within your body over time. The fastest way to get rid of it is by twisting and turning your body in various directions. An exercise ball assists in allowing you to fully move your body while supporting your form.

 8. TRX straps are the way to a toned body

A popular name in the fitness industry doing the rounds is the TRX suspension training. This method of exercises involves 2 straps that are held down from the ceiling. Using your body weight as resistance, you perform a range of versatile exercises that burn fat and build muscle in the least amount of time. TRX uses a pull and push motion technique.

 9. Resistance bands: Now carry your workouts with you

Here is a quick solution for those of you looking for the absolute sleek fitness accessory in the list – a rubberized band to build up resistance similar to those of hand weights.

  • The resistance is generated by folding and shortening the band.
  • Controlling the band is the key to maximizing muscle tension

10. Experience a fabulous workout with an adjustable bench

An adjustable bench is a multipurpose tool; you can pair just about anything from an exercise ball, dumbbells, barbell, etc. and gain an increasingly advanced method to perform the related exercise. By itself, you can perform a variety of core workouts such as leg raises and crunches for your abs.

Once you these things, it’s time to start working out. Get slim and fit.

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