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Residential internet service providers (ISPs) in Phoenix

ProviderStarting price*Speed range up toInternet typePhoenix average availability
CenturyLink$45/mo.34 – 140 MbpsDSL97%
Cox$39.9910 – 300 MbpsCable90.5%
Cox$39.99/mo.300 – 1,000 MbpsFiber-optic39.8%
CenturyLink$65/mo.1,000 MbpsFiber-optic6.4%

Use the chart above to compare the major internet service providers in the Phoenix area by prices, internet speed ranges, internet types, and their average availability. Starting prices are subject to change; always check the provider’s pricing page for the latest specials.

Internet speeds above 25 Mbps (megabytes per second) are good and may be all the speed you need if you use it to stream movies, browse the web and listen to music. Learn more about what a good internet speed is for downloading, streaming, and uploading content. 

Internet types are DSL, fiber optic, cable, video, and satellite. The FCC put the various internet providers’ actual versus advertised speeds to the test and found that for the most part subscribers get what their ISPs promise. The far-right column is the coverage percentage for the Phoenix metro area (CenturyLink DSL is available in 97% of residences throughout greater Phoenix, for example).

What are the major Phoenix internet providers?

The three major internet providers in Phoenix are Century Link, Cox and Spectrum.


CenturyLink offers DSL internet service throughout the greater Phoenix area and they’re adding more fiber-optic services. With up to 140 Mbps maximum speed, CenturyLink’s DSL service can support ultra-HD streaming and frequent gaming.

Why Phoenix loves CenturyLink

  • Plans offer a wide range of speeds to meet wide range of needs
  • Free modem and installation


Gigablast is Cox’s fastest service, with a 1 GB connection that supports simultaneous video streaming, gaming, video chat and more. Internet plans feature panoramic Wi-Fi gateway for whole-house coverage, access to 650,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, and Cox Security Suite Plus backed by McAfee.

Why Phoenix loves Cox

  • 5 home internet plans 
  • Fiber-optic service is available to 40% of the metro area

Which are the fastest internet services in Phoenix?

Both Cox and CenturyLink offer fiber-optic internet service with speed of up to 1 GB in Phoenix.

Fastest max advertised download speeds in Phoenix, AZ

  • CenturyLink fiber optic, up to 1 Mbps
  • Cox fiber optic, up to 1 Mbps
  • Cox cable, up to 300 Mbps

In addition to the major internet service providers, you may come across other vendors, such as CableOne, Mediacom, Cogent Communication, Zona Communications, Ygnition Networks and more. 

Phoenix, AZ, Wi-Fi hotspots

Both Cox and CenturyLink provide maps for customers to find free Wi-Fi hotspots. Cox has a Wi-Fi hotspot app for both Apple and Android phones to help customers find hotspots throughout the greater Phoenix area and when they travel outside of Arizona.

Some places you can find free Wi-Fi:

  • Public libraries
  • Restaurants, cafes and coffee houses
  • Chase Field
  • Sky Harbor Airport
  • Government buildings
  • Larger shopping centers and malls

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