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Satellite Internet Service

For years, many of us have made the assumption that we couldn't get high speed Internet because cable and DSL providers didn't offer it at our homes. Well, we were wrong.

Similar to dish TV, satellite Internet service is beamed to your computer from space. However, there is a difference between the satellite TV and satellite Internet signals. Satellite TV is a one-way signal where you receive only. However, Satellite Internet is a two-way signal. You need to be able to both send and receive data. You don't only receive email . . . you need to send it, too! So your satellite Internet signal is received at your home and shot back to to the satellite enabling true two-way communication.

The signal is a reliable, "always on" Internet connection that doesn't tie up your phone line, so you can talk and surf at the same time. So go ahead. Enter your address in the "Find Savings" box above. Compare features side-by-side, because our Best Price Guarantee means you're getting the best price on any plan you choose.

Order your Satellite Internet Service

High speed Internet providers broadcast their satellite Internet signal nationwide. There are no cables to run to your house, so satellite Internet can often broadcast to rural areas far from cable's reach. Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, satellite is also up to 50 times faster than a standard dial-up connection. That means you'll be downloading songs and videos in minutes, not hours, because now you can get high speed Internet anywhere.

Just add a satellite Internet service to your cart. Online set up is easy and free to our customers.

Satellite Internet Providers

We've partnered with companies like HughesNet to bring satellite Internet services to all of our customers, nationwide. Just enter your address in the "Find Savings" box above to see the latest promotions and packages.

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