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Phone & TV Bundles

Sometimes . . . less is more. With home phone and television bundles, more is actually less.

Combining your telephone and TV services, or "bundling", is a great way to save money every month. Your local phone service or cable TV service providers generally give you a discount for having more than one service. Several phone companies have partnered with satellite TV providers to offer their customer the phone and TV bundles. You get a traditional phone line and digital TV from a satellite provider like DirecTV or Dish Network dish TV.

Similarly, many cable companies now offer phone and TV bundles. Continuing to offer cable television services, several companies now offer digital phone service as well. Try Comcast Bundles. They combine the two services to provide their customers with a phone and TV bundle comparable to the phone and satellite companies.

Of course, availability is largely based on your actual location. Simply enter your address in the "Find Savings" box above to see which cable and home phone service providers offer phone and TV bundles in your neighborhood. Every bundle is backed by our Best Price Guarantee and online set up is free.

Order your Phone and TV Bundles

Once you've selected your phone and TV bundle, you'll want to select your customizable features. These optional features can include long distance calling plans to add to your local phone service or HDTV and DVR receiver upgrades for your cable or satellite TV service. Select the telephone and television features you want. Request a start date. Review monthly rates and checkout. Online set up is free and easy.

Bundle Service Providers

We've brought you the best deals on local telephone and TV bundles from well known phone carriers like AT&T and Qwest, as well as cable companies like Charter and Bright House. Since bundled service providers vary widely by geographic area, use the "Find Savings" box at the top of the page to see which telephone company or cable company can deliver your phone and TV bundle.

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