How do I get affordable cable?

Yes, affordable cable exists-probably right in your neighborhood. If you bundle your telephone and Internet with your cable TV provider, you may get a low price; but you still may not be getting the lowest price.
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Cheap Cable. A $1 a Day - Or Less!

You can actually find cable for less than $1 a day. Just imagine what you can do with all the extra money. (You might even be able to afford to go to the movies again!)

The least expensive cable TV service is often not advertised. You have to ask for it. You can call the customer service reps at and ask for cheap cable. In industry terms, it's known as "limited basic" or even "basic basic" cable.

Stick to your guns. Tell the representative you want only "basic cable", "limited basic" or "local access" service. It may have different names, but it means the same thing.

What You'll Get

You'll get crystal-clear television reception, the "basic" cable channels (you know, the ones we all survived on when we were kids) including network television (2-12), local channels including PBS, C-Span, the Weather Channel and several other channels.

Cheap cable has the same broadcast quality as more expensive packages. You won't miss out on clear reception or get a fuzzy picture.

What You'll Miss

You won't get the premium channels, many sports networks, or any special networks like HBO or Showtime with the "cheap cable" package.

How Much You'll Save

Limited basic cable typically costs around $10 a month. Compare this to the $100 or more you currently spend on cable TV and decide if it's worth it for your family.

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