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Changing neighborhoods doesn't always mean changing cable TV providers. However, it may be the perfect time to look into choosing cheap cable serviceor even upgrading to premium packages.
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Moving? Maintain the same or Find a New Cheap Cable Service

If you're moving to a new home in a different city, state or on another coast, your family's routine is going to change. Your kids will be making new friends, you'll be visiting a new public park and you'll be shopping at a new grocery store.

But does changing neighborhoods mean changing cable TV providers? Will you lose your family's favorite channels and the great deals you've been getting? Or is the move the excuse you need to change for the better? Maybe you can finally find the cheap cable service you've been looking for, or upgrade to the premium channels you've always wanted.

Either way, you don't have to worry about changing cable providers being the hassle it once was. There's an easy way to explore the available cheap cable service options at your new address. Here's what to do:

Visit a Cable Provider Comparison Site

Avoid visiting the many websites of different cable providers. There's so much to compare on the different sites, and the amount of information might bog you down. Visit just one cable provider comparison site like, which has contracts with all of the leading providers and will offer a fair and unbiased comparison between cheap cable services.

Fill in Your NEW Address

Allconnect requests very little information, but it's recommended that you are as specific as possible with your address (include street and house number). Cheap cable service areas can be funny; often the best cable service is available to one household but not to their neighbor or across the street.

Choose the Cable Package You're Looking For

Since you're looking for Cable TV options, select one of the following:

  • TV: This will give you a breakdown of both the satellite and cable service available in your new neighborhood. (Limit your search to cable TV providers by pressing the cable TV tab in your search results window.)
  • Bundle: Many cable TV providers offer packages that include Internet and phone service (as well as cable TV), this is called a "bundle." If you currently have a bundle you prefer, this is a useful way to see if it's available in your new neighborhood.

NOTE: Click on the Cable TV or Bundle tabs in your location's search results window to compare Bundle to Cable TV options.

Explore a Plan's Details

If you see a cheap cable service or bundle that interests you (or seems similar to your current plan), explore the specifics by selecting all the plan's details. This will let you know what comes standard with the plan and what supplemental options (like premium channels) are available.

Order Your Plan Before the Move

Most cable providers will schedule an installation appointment before you move to your new neighborhood. If you schedule the installation on move-in day, your cable can be ready as soon as the TV is in place!

And Finally, Don't Bother Packing that Cable Box

Even if you maintain the same package, most cable providers will want to install a new cable box at your new address-and often it's an improved, faster model. Simply return the box to your current cable TV provider before the move; their local store will have a return box or designated area to make returns fast and easy.

All of this can be done before you pack the first box. It's a simple way to prevent one less moving-day headache!

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