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As a deregulated natural gas market, Texas is one place where you can save money on your utility bill. The plans listed below offer some insight into electricity plans available in Texas, specifically from Reliant Energy. Enter your address to compares Reliant Energy electricity rates and plans for your home.
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Reliant Energy Plan Comparison

If you're looking for Texas electricity rates, you're in the right place. Reliant Energy offers several options to fit your budget and home electricity usage.

Variable Rate Electricity Plans

Choose the "Flex" plan if you prefer to gmable on the fluctuations in the electricity market. As the price of power changes, so does your bill. Chances are good that you can pay a lower rate than the current fixed rate, but you may also pay more. Ask Reliant Energy, or your local electric company, for recent statistics to make an educated decision.

Fixed Rate Electricty Plans

If you're more comfortable knowing exactly what your electricity rate will be every month, then the Reliant Energy Secure plan is for you. Texas is a deregulated market, so pricing is competitive. However, with the Secure plan, the fixed rate allows you to avoid the potential for costly seasonal and market rate fluctuation.

You also get the bonus of energy efficiency with the Reliant Energy Secure plan. Along with fixed rate elctricity, Texas customers also enjoy 20% wind generated power. Not only is providing electricity through wind turbines less stressful on our environment, wind energy is renewable energy. It's one form of electricity that doesn't deplete our precious natural resources.

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